Frequently Asked Questions

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How much activity should I do?

We recommend that members should aim to increase their incidental activity during the day PLUS a planned period of physical activity every day. If this is not something you are already capable of, just start with a comfortable 5 or 10 minute walk on a flat surface. Aim to increase this every few days until you have built up to 3 x10 minute walks each day during phase 1. By the end of phase 2 there is an expectation of regularly achieving 30 mins of physical activity or 10000 steps per day on a wearable device eg Fitbit, Garmin or Apple watch. This level of activity should continue throughout phase 3 & beyond.

What kind of activity should I do?

Some people may find walking too painful on their joints, and so we recommned that you find alternate options that suit you and that you find fun. Examples include swimming, cycling, yoga, pilates, taichi, dancing, rowing, and so forth.


Active living doesn’t require excessive motivation or discipline nor does it have to include a rigid exercise regime. With a little planning and imagination, becoming more active can be easy and enjoyable - even fun! Any chance to be more active should be seen as an opportunity not a chore.