Member Stories

These inspirational members have kindly shared their stories with the hope of motivating others. 

Glenda at week 18 - March 2020

"This is the best program that I have ever attempted that actually showed serious results. It isn't just the replacement options but the ongoing management with the book and recipes that are the really added value. Plus having the support from the lovely ladies who rang each week to check how I was going and offering whatever support was needed. Helped me adjust my medications (with my Dr's permission) so that I could get better results and not have wild swings with my diabetes levels. I cannot give a high enough recognition of what this program has done for me. I will be continuing on with the sachets as it really fits in with my work life so hope to continue on with my progress. thank you so much for offering this to me and it is greatly appreciated to have this opportunity."

Patsy at week 18 – March 2020

"The program lead to the desired outcome for better health and a reduction in Type 2 Blood test results. It is a complete package for lifelong habits and provides weekly support. I really liked entering my weight and waist measurements weekly and printing out the graphic results weekly. Entering challenges and motivational details also clarified the purpose of my entering the program and sticking to it. These features were encouraging in providing 'distance travelled' throughout the weeks of the program. My doctor was very pleased with these improvements and I am thrilled. I would happily recommend the program to others in a similar situation to myself. Thank you for the continued support I have received. It has been life changing."

Dragana at week 18 – March 2020

"It helped me to lose ~17 kilos, my glucose levels are in normal ranges, my cholesterol reading much better and I feel full of energy almost all the time. I couldn't be happier with the results."

Wayne at week 17 - November 2019

" I saw my doctor last Thursday for the first time since starting the HWFL program. He was over the moon with my achievements and said it is very rare for him to see a patient loosing so many kg in that time. He said the results are proof that weight can improve ones health so much more than medication alone. Next visit he will review my diabetes again and if still stable there will be no need to begin any medication which was going to happen if there was no improvement over the last three months...Thank you to all the HWFL team for all their input that made this possible for me. I am wiser and more empowered to maintain a healthier weight." 

Colleen at week 18 - October 2019

"I feel a different person. I have lost a huge amount of weight and as a result, have so much more energy. My diabetes has gone into remission and my blood pressure has gone down so much that I no longer have to take medication for it...
Everyone I spoke to was so lovely and helpful. The shakes and soups were delicious and as a result of this I am so much healthier, happier and confident"

Norma  - September 2019

"This has been a great program - my Drs, Dietician & Diabetic Councilor are all pleased as I am, I have just been away from home on 'winter holiday' & maintained (even lessened my weight. I feel great, & hope to continue with this lifestyle...

The program educated me, mainly on how much to eat. Always liked eating "healthy" didn't realize I was having too much!! Also educating about proper carb serves and the right size of serves. I know I can contact for support from the team & will be forever grateful for their help & support"

July 2018

"Have tried other diets, but this one really helped me lose the weight and my waist measurement. Very happy and feel like a new man. Thank you"


June 2018

"The info in your book and website is very good and helpful. The shakes are very tasty convenient and quick"


May 2018

"this program changed my attitude and gave me incentive to eat different foods, think about my need to be healthier and to follow a program that is a change for the rest of my life and I am able to stick to the plan, with support and the guide book and that plate measure that keeps me in check. I love the water bottle and I will choose to drink water over most other drinks offered, except coffee"

May 2018

"The health program was good for more... It gave me more energy to want to do more outdoor activities"


March 2017